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the principle

SLEAPI™ is a small headlamp in the form of a luminous tortoise whose red LED helps fight insomnia.  It helps initiate sleep by avoiding mental distraction. In the case of premature nighttime wakening, it helps to eliminate the stray thoughts which perturb sleep.

The tortoise SLEAPI™ is usually placed on the forehead like a third eye.  This position is significant as it represents a privileged symbolic location mentioned and used in ancient and modern civilisations, over many continents, notably in buddhist, hindu, Egyptian, judeo-christian, African and Amerindian cultures.

SLEAPI™  can also be placed on the bedside table, facing towards the eyes or, for children, on the pillow.

One of the characteristics of SLEAPI™ is the variation in light intensity depending on the time spent in the dark.  We all notice that it takes several minutes in a cinema for our eyes to get used to the dark.  This variation happens automatically in our protocol and makes somnogen visual training physiological and easy.

We have recently noticed that SLEAPI™ can be used as a painkiller in the following way:  put the tortoise in position P, then move the eyes rapidly from side to side.  This gives the impression of there being two LEDs, one on either side.  By concentrating on the edges of these red dots, certain types of pain can disappear.  This remains to be validated.  Under the same conditions, this device may also become a useful support for EMDR, by day or night.

Part of its efficacy and calming effects are probably due to the position on the forehead associated with the fact that red pulsations are perceived through the visual perceptual canal.  The most important of these in terms of neurosensorial coding takes place in the brain.  Soliciting vision at the sensitive time between being awake and falling asleep creates a bridge between real vision and a perception of red which then becomes black.  In other words, SLEAPI™ ensures a rapid transition similar to watching a television programme and then seeing a blank screen.  This is symbolic of a neutral state, a mental and affective void.

To our knowledge, a protocol such as this has never been described.  To be successful, we recommend practising every night.  Associating slow, deep exhalation increases the efficacy, while relaxing the leg and perineal muscles enhances the effect.  This practice aspires to avoid the use of sleeping pills which can have detrimental effects.  The user also gains the reassuring conviction that he has overcome insomnia by his own means.


how it works

Press button 5 to activate the alternating red/black cycles and a 50-minute (renewable) duration.

Press button 5 again to stop the cycle and freeze the selected light intensity to obtain a pain-killing effect by staring alternately at the LED on the right then on the left, simulating EMDR.

Press button 3 and a very bright red LED lights up allowing movement or reading without losing the adjustment to the dark.  Press button 3 again to return to the preceding light intensity.

Press simultaneously on buttons 3 and 5 to switch SLEAPI™ off.

SLEAPI™ can also be placed beside a child’s head to allow them to observe the red colour which lights up and then slowly disappears.  After 50 minutes, SLEAPI™ switches off unless another cycle is activated.


SLEAPI™ does not transmit electromagnetic waves.

When switched on, SLEAPI™ diffuses a weak red light.

The strength of the stimulation varies sinusoidally.

When the eyes are closed, the pupil filters part of the light.

Attentive observation of the variations of light boosts the blood flow in the front of the brain.

SLEAPI™ contributes to the fight against insomnia.

the tortoise


  • SLEAPI™ made in Switzerland
  • USB cable
  • Charger
  • Adjustable headband
  • Instruction leaflet


  • Length: 60 mm
  • Width: 50 mm
  • Thickness: 14 mm
  • Weight: 20 g


  • Electromagnetic wave transmission:  NO
  • Replaceable Li-ion LIR2032 3,6 V/ 35mAh battery:  YES
  • Recharge time:  1.5 h
  • Battery autonomy:  > 15 h


  • Materials:  No PVC;  No nickel on the surface of the product;  No BFR;  Nonallergic
  • Energy performance:  LED lamp with very low energy consumption



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SLEAPI™ is available from our french partner BulleDeZen.

SLEAPI™ is now also available from our swiss partner Medi-Lum !


5th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering

Texts 2014, HCMC, Vietnam, and the Springer publication.

Posters of presentations

Posters presented in 2012 at the32ème Congrès SFRMS (French Society for Sleep Research and Medicine – Société Française de Recherche et Médecine du Sommeil) in Bordeaux” and “fNIRS conference (colloque fNIRS)” in Berne; in 2013 at theTranslational Chronobiology Meetingin Geneva; in 2014 at the5th International Conference on Biomedical Engineeringin Vietnam.

See also the posterSLTBR – Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rythms” .


Leaflet presented at the « SFRMS – Société Française de Recherche et Médecine du Sommeil » (French Society for Sleep Research and Medicine) in Nantes in 2015.

Publications in progress

Find here publications in progress and essays about sleep and the usefulness of SLEAPI™.

Sleapi in the media

Sleapi is mentioned briefly in an article about sleep in Mode et Travaux no. 1384, 54-57, March 2010.

SLEAPI™  is mentioned in an article about sleep in Alternative Santé, issue no. 31.

An article is online on
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